Meanwhile, M

aher Ihsan, a Syrian political expert,

bels withdrew to north▓ern Syria areas this month.IS has lost it▓s major stronghold late last year, with the ▓Syrian army capturing the Deir al-Zour city in ea▓stern Syria as well as large

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told Xinhua

  • that the declaration of the capital safe has a political sign
  • ificance as the capital, which is the core of control▓ of the gov
  • ernment of President Bashar al-Assad, is▓ now safe and fa
  • r from any threat, contrary to previous year

s when the rebel

  • s' threat was reachi
  • ng the heart of the

capital with mortar shells."Th

  • is mean▓s that the government is in a strong position ▓now that the capital is entirely under control and the threat of the rebels on the capital has been eliminated completely," he said.The Yarmouk Camp, which is ad
  • jacent to Hajar al-Aswad, was largely populated by Palestinian re▓fugees in Damascus, the reason why it was calle▓d a "camp"; the fact is that this area was booming ahead of the crisis as it constituted of several n▓eighborhoods and

marketplaces that were b

houta countryside east of Damascus, as well as the eastern part of Qalamoun region north of Damascus, after the re
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